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Our commitment to premier customer service has earned us a long-standing reputation of efficiency and integrity as full-service, professional land surveyors with clients at the center of our solutions

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Starting with the customer at the center, Aztec is committed to focusing on our Triple Bottom Line strategy

Top-of-the-Line Quality

Everything we submit to our clients is carefully looked over to confirm quality. We double check the data we receive, verifying and cross-checking for accuracy and precision to minimize project downtime and ensure overall consistency.

Cost Effective Service

Our highly experienced and dedicated team have the proven background to “get it right the first time”. Our mastery of high-precision technology gives our crews the tools they need to get each job done quickly and effectively.

Site Safety

The safety of our field crews and the public is paramount. We pioneer the utilization of technology and practices that minimize lane closure, reduce traffic disruptions, and produce the least negative effects on the surrounding environment.

Our Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

Dedicated to customizing our services to the budgets and schedules of each and every client. Additionally, we utilize proven field techniques and the most up-to-date technology and instruments to provide information that is gathered and transferred accurately and efficiently.

Some of Our Developments

Green Valley Ranch Community Land Surveying by Aztec Consultants, Inc.

Green Valley Ranch Community

Meridian Residences Land Surveying by Aztec Consultants, Inc.

Meridian Residences

Candelas Land Surveying by Aztec Consultants, Inc.