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Aztec Consultants, Inc. - Land Surveying Professionals - Colorado - Since 1996

Aztec’s commitment to premier customer service has earned us a long-standing reputation of efficiency and integrity, making us a leader in the survey profession. We are a full-service, professional land surveying that keeps our clients at the center of our solutions. Working with Builders, Developers, and Agencies across the State of Colorado, Aztec offers an unparalleled familiarity with local and state laws and standards of practice. We have strong working relationships with local, governmental, and federal agencies to ensure that our deliverables will meet the required standards, easing the stress of our clients and facilitating the coordination of the overall project. At Aztec, we employ a highly trained and qualified staff who are dedicated to customizing our services to the budgets and schedules of each and every client. Additionally, we utilize proven field techniques and the most up-to-date technology and instruments to provide information that is gathered and transferred accurately and efficiently. Our rapid growth and success as an expert Colorado surveyor are a testament to the quality of service that we provide to our existing satisfied clients.

Top-of-the-Line Quality

We utilize a very solid set of Quality Control/Quality Assurance standards. We double check the data we receive, verifying and cross-checking for accuracy and precision. Everything that we submit to our clients is carefully looked over to confirm quality.

Cost Effective Service

We maintain competitive pricing to benefit our clients through cost effectiveness. Our highly experienced and dedicated team have the proven background to “get it right the first time” and our mastery of high-precision technology gives our crews the tools they need to get each job done quickly.

Site Safety

The safety of our field crews and the public is paramount, as is demonstrated by the careful execution of our Safety Procedures. For example, we pioneer the utilization of technology and practices that minimize lane closures and traffic disruptions, and our reflector-less total stations and laser scanners allow us to obtain highly accurate measurements while remaining safely out of the way.

Our Expertise - Then and Now

Highlands Ranch CP159 in 1979 - Aztec Consultants, Inc.

Founder, Rey Tenney

Seen here, on H.R. control point 159, establishing the Highlands Ranch control network in 1979.

Our commitment to quality land surveying and our knowledge of Colorado’s vast control networks helped anchor much of the Highlands Ranch development area we know today. Even at the age of 74, he enjoys coming to the office and being an integral part of the team.

Highlands Ranch CP159 in 2009 - Aztec Consultants, Inc.

Vice President, Ben Tenney

Following in the steps of his father, 30 years later, at H.R. 159.

Our success and expertise dates back decades. We follow the same, strict quality control procedures to ensure our Professional Land Surveying services continue to help develop Colorado.

Our Team

We only employ the smartest, hardest-working, proven surveying professionals to ensure our clients get the best possible service

Matthew Tenney - President  at Aztec Consultants, Inc.

Matthew Tenney


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